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Established in 2000, over the past 17 years, CNLink Networks is a leading One-Stop-Shop IT Solution Provider in the Asia Pacific region.

With our expertise and resources advantages in the IT and telecom sectors, supported by our Global Network Infrastructure, our customers can enjoy highly efficient and effective IT services Worldwide. CEO

We provide one-stop-shop service in Data Center Solutions, Cloud Solutions, Communication & Network Managed Solutions as well as Information Security Solutions.

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Why CNLink Networks !!

From industry-leading data centers and colocation services, to network connectivity and the interconnected cloud, CNLink Networks provides a range of services for enterprises across a range of industries.

Intelligence IT Platform

We offer the leading platform for IT resources Operational Intelligence. It enables the curious to look closely at what others ignore (Both Internal & External Network) and find what others never see: insights that can help make your company more productive, profitable, competitive and secure. We provide you an easy-to-use, real-time interface that'll help you stay in-the-know about what's happening with your critical systems and catch problems long before your users do.

Fully Integrated Solution

The management of hardware, network infrastructure, virtualization platform, datacenter and applications is a strenuous task that brings a number of constraints. We have the perfect solution that can free you or your staff from this type of time consuming and stressful activity. Our team of trained experts can manage for you the complete infrastructure you have in place, from the hardware, virtual infrastructure to the applications layer.

Cloud-sharing Platform

Communications is an indispensable requirement for enterprise/project communication. CNLink building a cloud-sharing platform to help enterprises easily link API innovation services, sharing of resources, without any capital expenditure. Cloud-sharing Platform combined with the concept of mobile devices BYOD to provide cloud services.

Internet Traffic Optimisation with CDN

Managed Internet routing tools which allows a great optimisation of the flow between the end-user and the server. This guarantees higher performance and energy on each server and improved redundancy. CNLink Networks protects your server from failing whether there is 1 connection or worse, unlimited simultaneous connections. CNLink Networks CDN provides you with the most advanced technology to deliver your content with an unparalleled throughput and responsiveness.

Comprehesive IT Services

Internet Data Center (IDC), Worldwide Cloud Services, MPLS IP-VPN, Internet Access/ Connectivity, IP Transit Service, Content Delivery Network Service (CDN), IT System Integrations , Information Security and Consultating Services.

Internet Data Center (IDC)

Colocation is one of our major strengths and expertise. We have been operating and improving this service for more than 18 years now, whether you decide to take a few units, a dedicated rack or a cage, you will benefit from the same support, value-added options and quality of services.

Interconnected Cloud

The term "Cloud" is often considered as just a buzzword, but at Interconnected cloud among global datacenters means helping our customers achieve economies of scale, reduce spending on technology infrastructure, improve flexibility, and manage projects more efficiently.

BYOD Voice Cloud

Communications is an indispensable requirement for enterprise/communities. CNLink building a cloud-sharing platform to easily link API innovation services, sharing of resources, without any capital expenditure. Voice cloud platform combined with the BYOD to provide voice services.


Our connectivity solutions range from high speed Internet Access, IP transit to MPLS VPN. We are able to deliver any type of Internet access through the best existing technologies and at any speed. We also deliver our MPLS VPN services across the world, allowing worldwide implementations and large localization possibilities.

Managed Network

We fully managed Router, Switch, Firewall, Load Balancer, VPN, BGP routing optimization and traffic monitoring. Our main goal is to make sure your online business is always up and running fast!

Managed Services

With Managed Services you no longer waste your own valuable in-house resources on day-to-day maintenance tasks and allow you to put the focus on your core business. We take care the service needed to keep your business running.

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Our driving forces: high speed Internet, state-of-the-art infrastructure, flexibility and security.

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CNLink Networks has the expertise, experience and resolve to handle the changing infrastructure needs of the world's most demanding businesses.

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